About Us

We supply data visualization software and services.

Metric Studios launched in 2005 as a custom shop for market research software. Over the years as we implemented many custom solutions for diverse projects, we started collecting and packing features which address common requirements into re-usable modules. These modules, though scrapped and re-written multiple times, eventually converged into what is now our flagship product: Report Builder.

We sincerely thank our fantastic customers for placing confidence in our small business, for presenting us with challenges that require really great solutions, and for continued contributions toward the improvement of our products and services.

Our custom work continues as a necessary source of inspiration. Our professional services team has strength in market research, statistics, software development, user interface design and data visualization. We would absolutely love to hear from you and we welcome your requests.

Now, more than ever, as our product is gaining traction, our founder's goal is to assemble a hard-working, organized team with the right strengths and values to create deliverables of exceptional quality, to efficiently manage operations, and to continually improve our products and services. The team is still small in number, and we are actively looking for the right people and partners to join in our vision.